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For residential customers we offer very competitive speeds at the very best prices in town, guaranteed! And we do it all without making you sign a contract...ever.


We understand that a business needs to stay connected in order to stay productive and ahead of the curve. SLI has the redundency and the capability to make sure your business never skips a beat.

Just starting out? We offer complete solutions to get your business connected and operational from start to finish. Learn More

High Density/Mixed Use

We have special pricing for HOAs and high density housing. We can beat anyones price for high density, guaranteed!

Coverage Area

Coverage Area

SLI is an internet service provider featuring the best of both speed and cost. High Quality internet is our passion, and we focus on making a fast product with low latency at the best possible price. We are proud to serve Utah and Cedar Valleys.

Change plans any time for any reason. In addition, our speeds are symetrical. You get the same speed upload as download.

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With 50Mb, you can stream in Ultra HD without a hiccup. The majority of households don't use more than this, even if they are heavy users.


*No contract and $99 installation fee!


With 100Mb, you can stream in 8K Ultra HD without a hiccup, or stream two 4K streams at once!


*No contract and $99 installation fee!




This is fiber quality internet at an amazing every day price! Excellent for large families and very heavy users! Not available in all areas.


*No contract and $99 installation fee!



Get a static public IP for $10 more!


The price advertised is the total bill amount, all fees and taxes included.


*First month and install fee due at time of install

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